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Web Design Philosophy & Techniques


Web sites do not need to be elaborate and expensive in order to effectively meet the needs of a small business or organization. Too often, a quote is received for web design services that is not affordable or realistic for the business or organization. At Web Designs of Bath, we understand how costs can affect the bottom line so we target our affordable services only to small business and organizations.

We are not a big box, multi-faceted operation with large clients. Our goal is to deliver personal, efficient service targeted to the client's needs in a prompt manner. All of our sites are designed to allow the client to manage their site at the end of the initial agreement should they desire.

The base software program used to design a site is Microsoft FrontPage 2003. The reason for this is that most people can use Microsoft Word and this program operates very similar. Graphics, photo gallery and form design software is also used. Also, some JavaScript and DHTML codes are used. Examples can be found on this site and others we have designed. In cases where software or codes beyond FrontPage are used, we design the function so it probably will not need changes should the client take over the site.

In order to keep costs to our clients low, we utilize free services from outside sources. However, one criteria we use when selecting these sources is that they do not pump obtrusive advertising to our client's site. Services available are counters, polls, document conversion and discussion forums.

We can also implement an eCommerce system within your site. A very good shopping cart is free that is ideal if you only have a few products. The USO of Northern Ohio uses it on their web site to accept donations. If you need an extensive cart, we can provide different vendors to choose from.

To learn more about our design techniques and philosophy, please visit our Contact page to get in touch with us.


Custom Pages

Would you like a temporary address on the web where you can expand an ad you place in a newspaper or post on bulletin board?

We can provide a temporary page to:


    * Advertise an event

    * Display information on a car or boat for sale
    * Promote the sale of your house including a photo gallery
    * Display a photo gallery of your event
    * Any other reason where you need to deliver information

If you have ever placed a classified ad or real estate for sale, you probably wished you had more space to expand upon your description. Having people call you seeking more information is not fun. If you were able to explain in more detail, isn't it possible that you would get more qualified buyers calling?

We can provide that opportunity at a reasonable cost. Not only can you have information posted on a web page, you can also provide a document they can print out plus post photos if you want to. A gallery would be great for someone selling their home.

Contact us for an estimate to find out what we can do for you.

Non-Profit Organizations

If you are a non-profit organization, we can provide you with:

    * A single web page with your logo and text of your event

    * A link to an event flyer and/or registration form for someone to print

When advertising the event, you would need to provide the newspaper or other media with your link. This would save a lot of time for your staff answering phone calls and providing additional information.


Contact us for more details.


Photo Gallery

Have you ever wished that you could provide a photo gallery to friends or relatives that attended an event such as a graduation, retirement party or reunion? How about wedding guests and your bridal party? Would you like to give them a special thank you for attending your wedding?

Now you can with a photo gallery created by Web Designs of Bath that you can send them by email or on a CD that is more economic then having prints made for guests or Photo CD's created. It is much quicker then trying to send your photo images created by a digital camera. Plus, they can save the photo gallery right to their computer and print photos from the images in the gallery.

Sure, you can upload your photos to a site such as Slide.com and send the link to whoever you want. However, they may not enjoy the album as much as having it personally installed on their computer with NO ads or promos running.

Here is how it works:


    1. Contact us and choose one of our packages.
    2. Email us the photos in .jpg ( preferably in a .zip file) or mail a CD.
    3. We create the gallery and post it for you to view.
    4. When you approve it, we convert it to a .zip file and email it to you with instructions on saving it to disk.

This is just a basic summary. When you contact us, we will go into more detail on our product.


View a sample Photo Gallery


The above gallery was created for a class reunion and class members were able to download the gallery to their computers.  We can also provide a gallery for your web site.  Ask about adding videos to a gallery.



Insurance premiums impact the budget of an individual, family or company. You need coverage that is affordable yet covers your major medical needs. We represent various insurance carriers and can provide you with quotes that reflect your needs.

We offer many insurance plans for individuals and their families. Options will vary by carrier, deductible and co-insurance.

Group Health plans are available for companies with 2 employees or more. In some cases, a husband and wife will qualify as separate employees to form a group plan.