Promotion of a Web Site

Promoting your site is very valuable. Here are some helpful tips.

Print Media

If you advertise in newspapers or magazines, be sure to include your web address. You may be able to run a smaller and less expensive ad by directing readers to your web site. This is especially cost saving if you now use color pictures. Be sure to update your Yellow Pages or other phonebook ads.

Internet Directories

Many times directories such as SuperPages list your business and allow for a web address link. Google your business name and find your business. If the listing allows a web site link, contact them and ask them to add your link.

Business Cards

You may have a supply of business cards available without your web site address. If you do, print a message including your web address on return address labels and affix the label to the backside of the card. Next time you order cards, include you web address.


All your correspondence should have your web address displayed. Whether it is a letter, invoice or business check, include your web address. Again, if you have a supply of correspondence on hand, use return address labels to affix to the correspondence. Be sure to have it in your return address or affix a label to your envelopes. It is important that your web address is on envelopes you mail. Remember the local post office employee or a mail sorter at a company may see your web address and visit your site which could result in new business.


Many companies overlook posting their web site address on company vehicles. Why not have a mobile link to your site?


Do you have a sign located at the front of your property adjacent to the street where you can post your web address? This will allow drivers passing by the opportunity to visit your site and find out more about you. You can also post your web site at your entrances to your business. Remember, not every person will make a purchase but by posting your web address, they may visit your site periodically.


E-mail is an easy way to get information to people. We can set up an e-mail list where people can subscribe and unsubscribe automatically. You can use the list to send information about your business. Also, an Autoresponder can be set up. These work by a person sending an e-mail to the autoresponder e-mail address and the autoresponder automatically sends out information to the requestor.

You can probably think of more ways to advertise your business by using a web site. These tips are just some you can use now.


We enjoy working with organizations. You may need a way to promote your organization and events you sponsor to raise money for worthy causes. We can show you an inexpensive way to obtain an internet presence without having a full web site. If you run print ads now or announcements, we can provide a one page site and allow for a downloadable event flyer. The web address can be inserted into your ad and you may be able to reduce the ad cost plus lessen phone calls you need to respond to. See our Services page for more information.