Frequently Asked Questions

Questions always arise during discussions in formulating a plan for development of a site. Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

How much does a web site cost?

This is usually the first question. The answer depends on how extensive the site is going to be. After discussing your needs, you are provided with an annual cost. Remember, our fees are affordable.

Can you design the site and I make changes?

Your site can be designed by us and then turned over to you. Our sites are designed using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 plus different graphics and utilities software. It would be necessary for you to purchase and learn the software. Most clients prefer we do everything because they don't have the time or experience to maintain and make changes. An exception would be if you have a site using a shopping cart. Because you may need to add products and change prices frequently, it would be prudent for you to maintain the shopping cart. This is not difficult because most shopping carts can be changed independently of the web site.

Depending on the nature of a change, we can generally make most changes within one or two days. The only exception is if we are out of town for an extended time, then changes will be made upon return.

How long does it take for you to build a site?

Building of a site depends on the extensiveness and how soon we receive the information needed to place on the site. A basic home page with some information can be up on the site usually within two days. After receiving the information, the site can usually be completed within one week. Remember, a site constantly evolves because of changes and modifications.

How will people find our site?

See the Promotion page.

What if I want to switch to another designer and host?

When you get your own domain name, the name has a numbered system that points to the server where your site is hosted. You would have the new designer and host change the numbers to correspond with your new host server where the designer has published your site. In any agreement we enter into, the client "owns" the code and domain name. We would furnish the code to the client to provide to the new designer.