Basics of Web Design

The basics of a web site are the same no matter if you design the site yourself or contract with someone to do it. We will try to keep it simple. Should you need more information, please contact us.

Internet Address

This is commonly called a domain name. Your address is how people find your site. The end of the domain can be .com, .net, .org, .cc, .us, .edu or many more. The most common is .com and we will use that in examples.

Free Address

Usually, your internet provider will provide you with free space for your address. Also, sites such as Yahoo or Geocities will provide you with a free site. The addresses may look like or something similar. These sites are intended for personal sites but can be used for a small business or organization. The problem is that many of the free addresses either run ads or limit what design techniques you can use. Also, most have a space limitation of how much space you can use for your site.

Directory Address

The directory address will look like this: Notice it is similar to a free address. However, there is generally a charge for the address and space by whoever owns the domain name. In the example, is owned by Web Designs of Bath. We can set up a site at the location. See Custom Pages for more information

Your Own Domain Name

Ideally, this is the best way for a small business or organization to follow. All of our current clients have their own domain names. A domain name of identifies your business or organization better. There is an annual charge for the name and is handled by different registrars. We can get your name registered. The one problem that arises is that many businesses or organization find out that someone else already owns the name they want.


Once you have your internet address, you need to get space to store the site. The free addresses give you a limited amount of space but also restrict what you can do with it. We can host your site and provide you with e-mail addresses at your domain name. You can still keep your old e-mail address and we can forward e-mail to it. You also can have an autoresponder that will automatically send information to someone who requests it.


You also need software to create your site. The free sites provide you with very simple but limited software to construct your site. Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive are excellent but expensive site building software. We use Microsoft Frontpage to build a site. We use it because if someone wants us to build the site they maintain it, they are probably using other Microsoft products and the learning curve is quicker. Also, you will need graphics software to enhance the site. We have software available to enhance your site.


You must have time to build your site, make changes and other tasks that will take time. We give you personal service and most changes can be made within one day. You manage your business and let us manage your site.