About Web Designs Bath

Web Designs of Bath was born in February of 1999. It was started by Dale Christ who had just retired from the Independence Police Department. He got his start in computers while attending Cleveland State University where as a business major, he was required to take Cobol B programming. Yes, that was in the days of punch cards being fed into LARGE computers.

He graduated in 1972 with a B.B.A. in Management. However, at this time, he was also serving on the police department. In 1982, the police department computerized for the first time. Because of state requirements, the department needed a supervisor for the terminal. Dale was selected because he was the only person on the department that had experience with computers. From that experience, he learned Tip Query Language.

As the 80's decade closed, the department added another computer system for internal records and e-mail. As system administrator, he was required to teach police officers, who had never touched a keyboard in their lifetime, to learn how to send and retrieve e-mail plus obtain records over the computer. It was during this period that Dale learned the Mapper and UNIX programming languages.

In the 1990's, the department upgraded to Novell servers and Dale began using FrontPage by Microsoft to build an internal web site for access to department policies, rules and regulations, etc. After retiring and starting this company, he began consulting on web sites and assisting in building sites.

Dale is assisted at Web Designs of Bath by Ellie Nape. She helps with layout, design and quality control. She is also the owner of Accents by Ellie and the Patriot Lady Store. Also, both Dale and Ellie are licensed to sell health and life insurance in the State of Ohio.